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Oct 6, 2008

Last Chance to Upgrade From Photoshop 7

John Nack, the senior Photoshop product manager has posted a reminder about Adobe’s upgrade path for older versions of Photoshop to Photoshop CS4. Back when Photoshop CS3 was released, Adobe changed the upgrade eligibility to only 3 versions back. So, as long as you had Photoshop 7 or above, you could upgrade to Photoshop CS3 for the regular upgrade cost of $199 (for the standard version, $349 for Extended). If you have Photoshop CS, CS2 or CS3 you will be able to upgrade for the upgrade pricing. But, if you have Photoshop 7, you will not.

However, between now and October 15th, you CAN still upgrade to Photoshop CS3 and still be able to upgrade to Photoshop CS4 when it is released. Adobe has a policy that if you buy the “current” version of Photoshop (currently CS3) AFTER the next version has been announced but BEFORE it ships, you can get the next version upgrade for the cost of shipping and handling. You will need to contact Adobe Customer Service to get the free upgrade to CS4 as long as your Photoshop CS3 upgrade purchase falls into that after announce, but before CS4 ship date. After Photoshop CS4 ships, the upgrade path to Photoshop CS4 will be Photoshop CS and above only.

The astute amongst you may also deduce when the expected ship date of Photoshop CS4 might be…

Oct 1, 2008

Adobe Forms Global Philanthropic Foundation

New Foundation’s First Initiative Engages Youth to Drive Social Change

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oct. 1, 2008 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the Adobe Foundation, a global philanthropic organization focused on driving positive social change and community improvement. Formation of the foundation builds on Adobe’s long history of philanthropy - including grantmaking, software donations and training, employee volunteer programs and education initiatives - focused on making the communities where Adobe operates strong and more vibrant places to live, work and do business.

Adobe has historically allocated one percent of its annual net income to philanthropic giving, managed through a donor-advised fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF). Going forward, these funds will be managed by the Adobe Foundation, creating a closer connection between Adobe and its philanthropic interests. The Adobe Foundation will initially manage Adobe’s flagship community program, Adobe Youth Voices, and administer new programs in the future.

Sep 30, 2008

Doc Brown’s Video Tutorials

Not to be outdone by a tall, good looking blond, Dr. Brown unleashes his own brand of video tutorials on Photoshop CS4.

CS4: Content Aware Scale QuickTime Tutorial; 9.4 MB
Learn about this new seam carving technology in Adobe Photoshop CS4, and you’ll be tempted to never use the standard Transform tools again.
Dr. Brown says, “This new feature is down right amazing!”

CS4 Extended: Spherical Panorama QuickTime Tutorial; 7.7 MB
Discover one of the new 3D features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended. In this tutorial you will learn how to wrap an image around the inside of a sphere, to create a 3D panorama. Then, simply step into this digital space and use some of the new Photoshop CS4 tools to look around your newly created world.

CS4 Extended: 3D Quick-Look QuickTime Tutorial; 4.5 MB
Get ready for an incredible 3D experience, as you view this quick-look at some of the new 3D features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended. This tutorial will take you through some of my favorite new tools for working, and experimenting, with 3D objects.

CS4 Extended: 3D Mesh from Grayscale QuickTime Tutorial; 9.7 MB
Bring 2D images back to life with this new Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended technique for converting grayscale images into 3D objects. This tutorial will also demonstrate how to generate 3D depth maps directly from 2D images.

CS4 Extended: Advanced 3D Eclipse Animation QuickTime Tutorial; 15.3 MB
Learn about some of the advanced features in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended for animating 3D objects. In this project I will create a solar eclipse simulation from 2D, and video images of the earth and moon. Did I mention that this is an advanced tutorial?

Sep 30, 2008

Julieanne Kost Posts Videos and PDFs About Camera Raw and Photoshop CS4


Check out Julieanne’s web site for new Camera Raw 5 and Photoshop CS4 video tutorials and PDFs.

ADOBE TV The Complete Picture - Episode 08
Let Julieanne show you the power behind the new features in Camera Raw 5. Discover how to make non-destructive localized corrections as well as create special effects using the Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter, Post Cropping Vignettes and more!

ADOBE TV The Complete Picture - Episode 07
Discover the new features in Adobe Bridge CS4 as Julieanne walks through the new features, tools, refined interface and integration with Photoshop.

PSCS4 What’s new in Bridge CS4 (PDF)
Learn everything there is to get you up to speed quickly in Bridge CS4.

PSCS4 What’s New in Camera Raw 5 (PDF)
Discover the unlimited possibilities with Camera Raw 5.

PSCS4 Photoshop CS4 - But Wait, There’s More! (PDF)
Master the important but often overlooked refinements and adjustments in Photoshop CS4.

Sep 30, 2008

Scott and Matt Talk “Conspiracy Theories”

It seems some people see Conspiracy Theories where there really aren’t any. To address some users’ question Scott Kelby took the “easy way” out and did a video with Matt Kloskowski and talked about the timing of Lightroom 2, Photoshop CS4 with Camera Raw 5. I say “easy way” because it was easier for Scott and Matt to sit around talking than having to actually write (his words, not mine).

So check this post out (and watch the video if the mood strikes you–post comments on SCOTT’s blog, not here). Lightroom 2 vs. CS4 & Lightroom Conspiracy Theories

Sep 24, 2008

Photoshop CS4 Feature Tour on Adobe TV

Bryan Hughes, product manager for Photoshop highlights Photoshop CS4 features on Adobe TV. See the Photoshop CS4 video at here and the Photoshop CS4 Extended video with Zorana Gee who is also a Photoshop product manager here.

Sep 24, 2008

John Nack-Sweating the Details

John Nack (senior product manager for Photoshop–just in case you live in a cave and don’t know who he is) has posted a story on his blog titled CS4: Sweating the Details

I’m a perfectionist, and I deeply, viscerally want to smooth & polish every aspect of Photoshop.  Doing it all in any one cycle is impossible, but I’m proud to say we’ve put a ton of effort into sweating the details in CS4. 

You’re going to see tons of flashier features in other write-ups, and of course I’ll cover them here, but for this cycle I want to lead with the little stuff–things you might not read about otherwise, but which can make a big difference while working.

Read the entire post here.

(87 comments and counting)

Sep 24, 2008

NAPP Launches CS4 Learning Center

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Learning Center Offers Tutorials, New Feature Overviews, Exclusive Interviews and More for the Newly-Released Photoshop CS4

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) has launched its new Adobe Photoshop CS4 Learning Center covering the new exciting features of Photoshop CS4 as part of the much anticipated Adobe Creative Suite 4 announcement. The NAPP Adobe Photoshop CS4 Learning Center is the most comprehensive Photoshop CS4 learning experience available today jam-packed with video tutorials, interviews, helpful information, and more at

Sep 24, 2008

What’s new in Photoshop CS4 by Martin Evening

Photoshop CS3 had some mixed reviews. It didn’t have quite as many features of interest to photographers as say, previous versions of the program. I think such responses may also have been influenced by the introduction of Lightroom 1, which was definitely designed with photographers in mind. It is probably fair to say that there was a certain amount of envy among the Photoshop team to the ‘new kid on the block’. Well, Photoshop CS4 has arrived, hot on the heels of Lightroom 2 and it’s time to see how the new version of the ‘mother ship’ program shapes up.

As far as Photoshop CS4 itself goes, I think photographers will be very pleased with some the new changes here. Photoshop now has a smart dark gray interface and adopted a task-based approach to image editing and this can be seen in the way image adjustments are now accessible within their own panel. When you combine this with the ability to non-destuctively edit a layer mask, you’ll discover that the  Photoshop CS4 image editing system offers the most flexible yet for pixel image editing.

Read the full story…

Sep 23, 2008

Adobe Introduces Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended

Landmark Release Packs Powerful Editing Punch and Harnesses the Creative Potential of 3D

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Sept. 23, 2008 - Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe(r) Photoshop(r) CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended, the highly anticipated, new editions of the professional industry standard software for digital imaging. Providing a fluid user experience, complete creative control and higher efficiency, Photoshop CS4 leverages the power of the latest hardware to extend imaging possibilities and offer faster, more flexible ways to accomplish core tasks like image adjustments and masks. All of these features and more can be found in Photoshop CS4 Extended, which serves users with advanced motion graphics functions, dramatically expanded 3D visualization capabilities and precise image analysis.

Sep 22, 2008

On the Road to SF

I’m on the road to San Francisco to attend tonite’s Adobe CS4 Announcement. Yes, the official announcement date is Tuesday, the 23rd, but but tonite there’s a pre-announcement announcement. Yeah, I know, pretty confusing…also, it should be noted that the  CS4 Announcement is only an announcement, it won’t actually ship for a while. We’ll find that out on Tuesday.

I don’t know if it’s too late to sign up for the web cast on Tuesday, but the registration page is here.

Sep 19, 2008

What happens When You Run Every Filter In Photoshop?

Say you start with this image of a fellow named Chen and his cat. Then you run EVERY filter that Photoshop has on it. What would you get at the end? Well, depending on the order they were run, you would get this…

To see the entire progression, check the blog post HERE.

Sep 19, 2008

Adobe Reports Strong Q3 Financial Results

Revenue and Earnings Performance Driven by Record Acrobat and LiveCycle Revenue

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 16, 2008 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today reported financial results for its third quarter ended Aug. 29, 2008.

In the third quarter of fiscal 2008, Adobe achieved revenue of $887.3 million, compared to $851.7 million reported for the third quarter of fiscal 2007 and $886.9 million reported in the second quarter of fiscal 2008. Adobe’s third quarter revenue target range was $855 to $885 million.

“Our strong performance in Q3 was driven by record revenue for our Acrobat and LiveCycle products, as well as the overall diversity of our business,” said Shantanu Narayen, president and chief executive officer. “We continue to execute exceptionally well against our strategy, and we look forward to the launch of our flagship Creative Suite 4 product family next week.”

Sep 18, 2008

Adobe Releases Camera Raw 4.6 RC

To address new camera compatibilities, Adobe has released a preliminary version of Camera Raw 4.6. It’s considered a release candidate (RC) which is considered a bit beyond beta in terms of internal testing. In addition to Camera Raw 4.6, DNG Converter 4.6 has also been released. People who have new cameras and wish to import those images into Lightroom 2.0 will need to use the DNG Converter until Lightroom is also updated.

The downloads are available from Adobe Labs.

Sep 16, 2008

Adobe Announces CS4 Announcement

Not known for its ability to keep secrets, Adobe has announced that it will announce Creative Suite 4 (CS4) which will presumably include Photoshop CS4 (we don’t “know” this because the announcement of the announcement was a bit vague). But you can find out for sure by registering for an invite-only webcast which will be aired on September 23rd, 2008. The registration page is here.

The reason we “presume” that Photoshop CS4 will be announced along with the rest of the Creative Suite is that Johnny L (John Loiacono, Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit) kinda let the rabbit out of the hat at the Photoshop World Keynote a couple of weeks ago.

Sep 1, 2008

On the Road to Photoshop World

Photoshop World will be at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas. The Pre-con sessions start on Wednesday and the main conference on Thursday. The Tech Expo runs all three days and if you are in Vegas (but not attending the conference) you can get a free expo pass for 2 of the days here.

Aside from being Labor Day here in the USA, the big news for Photoshop users is that this week marks the start of Photoshop World Week. Ok, I didn’t know that the week of Photoshop World was a big deal, but Scott Kelby has posted a story with info that Photoshop World attendees might find useful. NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker has done a video about “Getting the Most out of Photoshop World“. Photoshop Guru Dave Cross has done a free Photoshop World Planner PDF as well.

I’ll be doing three Conference Sessions (hope to see you there) as well as a Pre-Con session called the Epson Print Academy (which is now sold out). Martin Evening and John Nack will be inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame at the opening keynote on Thursday (see this PSN story). The keynote will feature  Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit, John Loiacono and if the past is any guide, he’ll be showing off some “new stuff” from future versions of Photoshop.

So, I’ll be a bit busy until next week when I’ll post a report…see ya next week!

Aug 28, 2008

Free Tech Expo Pass Now Available at Photoshop World

Photoshop World Tech Expo - Sept. 5-6, 2008 - Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - South Convention Center

Press Release: TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A free Tech Expo pass (valued at $20 per person) is now available online at for the largest gathering of Adobe® Photoshop®, digital imaging, and graphic design technology by the biggest names in the industry at the upcoming Photoshop® World Tech Expo in Las Vegas, Sept. 5-6 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

Aug 27, 2008

Adobe Unveils Photoshop Elements 7 and Introduces Membership

New Membership Boosts Capabilities of Desktop Experience

Press Release: SAN JOSE, Calif. — Aug. 26, 2008 

 Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7 software with new membership, a milestone release of the No. 1 selling consumer photo-editing software*. Available for Windows®, Photoshop Elements 7 makes it quick and easy to organize, edit, create and share amazing photos with others by leveraging the editing power of Photoshop software, the professional standard for image editing. For the first time, Photoshop Elements 7 customers will have the option to sign-up for one year of membership on, extending the capabilities of the software by providing helpful templates and creative tutorials delivered on a regular basis. Other benefits include: automatic online backup and storage of photos and videos, access to photos and videos from virtually anywhere, and interactive options to share memories with great impact.

Aug 27, 2008

The Photoshop cop

Image by Ken Kokotek (aka Picasso)

Ken Kokotek mocked his superiors on the Internet. Now he’s paying for it.

Source: creative
Written by Alex Picket

On May 5, around 6 p.m., St. Petersburg police officer Ken Kokotek walked into SPPD headquarters carrying a bundle of homemade invitation cards. The cards announced his retirement party, something he had been looking forward to after 25 years with the police force. He stayed only 20 minutes, just enough time to stuff about 65 invitations into the second-floor mailboxes of fellow police officers.

But these weren’t ordinary Hallmark party invitations. The card’s front showed the famously bumbling silent film characters the Keystone Cops, onto which Kokotek had superimposed the faces of Mayor Rick Baker, Police Chief Chuck Harmon, Assistant Chief Luke Williams, Major Melanie Bevan and other SPPD supervisors.

Aug 27, 2008

Peachpit Releases Lessons in DSLR Workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop

Press Release: BERKELEY, CALIF. (Aug. 25, 2008)— Peachpit today announced the publication of Lessons in DSLR Workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop , by seasoned photographer Jerry Courvoisier. This detailed guide, loaded with tips and techniques, delivers a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera workflow that allows readers to spend less time at their computer and more time behind the camera capturing great images. 

Aug 25, 2008

Photoshop–Helping the Ugly Since 1988

Been there, done that, want the tee shirt? Now you can…offered through Cafe Press. Here’s the link.

Aug 25, 2008

“Dear Adobe…”

John Nack, the Senior Product Manage of Photoshop noted a new web site on his blog recently. It’s called Dear Adobe and it’s devoted to, well, providing a place for people to post rants and raves. Viewers can submit their own gripes and vote on the gripes of others.

You can see what John thinks about this at this link. (or at least his “public reaction”)

(It’s good that John has a sense of humor)

Aug 25, 2008

Scott Kelby Offers Today’s Lightroom 2 Book Sales to Orphanage in Kenya

On Scott’s blog, Photoshop Insider, Scott has announced that all the book sales of his new Lightroom 2 book for Digital Photographers from today will be donated to the Spring of Hope organization that runs is building a care center for orphans in Kenya.

Now Scott isn’t just donating a portion of the proceeds, he’s donating the entire purchase price of all Lightroom 2 books sold today. Here’s a link to the story and a link to purchase the book from Kelby Training.

IMPORTANT: This opportunity to help out is available only today, Monday August 25th, 2008. Scott’s book is scheduled for delivery in early September. Not available with any other discounts. As always, Shipping & Handing is extra.

Aug 18, 2008

On the Road to Ann Arbor & Toronto

I’m off for a short visit with TK in Ann Arbor (I’m going to get to meet Eric Chan) and then off to Toronto to tape some stuff with Michael Reichmann. So, I’ll be off-line till the end of the week.

Aug 17, 2008

I Was There. Just Ask Photoshop.

FOUR’S A CROWD After her divorce, Laura Horn, second from right, decided to have her ex-husband (guess who?) removed from the picture with Photoshop.

Source: The New York Times
Written by Alex Williams

REMOVING her ex-husband from more than a decade of memories may take a lifetime for Laura Horn, a police emergency dispatcher in Rochester. But removing him from a dozen years of vacation photographs took only hours, with some deft mouse work from a willing friend who was proficient in Photoshop, the popular digital-image editing program.