New Big Photoshop CC Update – What’s new?


There is big news in the graphic design world: Photoshop has finally released the highly anticipated CC update and it is said that additional digital imaging product features will be coming soon. Just about every graphic designer and artist in the world relies on the world-changing software that has enabled artists to create stunning digital images never before thought possible. Therefore, it is no surprise that this major update has been a highly anticipated one in the art community.

New Features

This new expansion of the software features a long list of different features that will allow designers to take their work to the next level in an exciting way. Changes to fonts, creative cloud libraries, artboards, and exportation abilities are just a few of the additions that all you Photoshop geeks can get excited about. For example, here is a list of the updates that have been made to fonts according to the Adobe website:

Search and Organize Fonts Quickly

  • View fonts by family (new this release): A more hierarchical font menu shows font families and lets you toggle to see fonts within that family, rather than seeing all fonts in a giant list.
  • Performance improvements in font menu (new this release): Font menu is faster because of improvements to showing samples for each font.
  • Favorites: Star fonts that you use frequently and then filter to only show those fonts.
  • Recently used: Photoshop will display your most recently used fonts at the top of the font list.
  • Search for fonts: Start to type the name of the font to find a font, rather than browsing with a scrollbar.

Go deeper into a given font

  • Glyph Panel: Use the Glyphs panel to insert punctuation, superscript and subscript characters, currency symbols, numbers, specialized characters, as well as glyphs from other languages into text.
  • On-canvas Glyph (new this release): On-canvas menu allows you to view and select alternate glyphs for the currently selected character.

Expand beyond your commonly used fonts

  • Typekit: Thousands of free fonts for Creative Cloud members to use; integrated into Photoshop’s font menu, missing font check workflow, similarity search and Match Font feature.
  • Match Font (new this release): Start with a raster image of a Latin font and Photoshop will tell you which fonts on your local machine or in your Typekit library are close matches.
  • Filter by Classification: Narrow the fonts in your font list by classification, like serif or sans serif.
  • Filter by visual similarity: Narrow the fonts in your font list based on similarity to your selected font.

Perhaps one of the best parts of this new update is that it is available in a mobile format as well. If you have not tried it, you can go to the iTunes store or the Google Play store and download the free Capture CC mobile app and get started. There are a ton of cool effects and features to keep you busy for hours.

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