Designing a Beautiful Blog Layout with Photoshop

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The blog layout users create for their site will look perfect only after they have taken the time to use Photo Shop to build the pages. This is a look at how you will grow a blog that has been designed with Photoshop. They will start with a layout box that they must build from scratch. They are creating each part of the page when they work in Photoshop, and it will help you create something that other people will want to look at. The header must be laid out using the measurements that are provided by Photoshop. You must choose the size and resolution that you believe will fit your blog, and you will find that adjusting it to meet the pictures in the background or the text will make it more fun to use. Users must go into the new guide for their image size, and they will adjust each layer individually using the Gaussian blur which is much stronger than a standard blur so they mix colors well.

Use the Content Space

The content space users create will be adjusted using the rectangle tool. The horizontals type tool is used to type the text, and the same will be true in the header. Users may find that the content space they have built is a bit narrower or wider than the header using their line tool, and they must resize this space to ensure that it matches the design you have placed overhead. Someone who is using Photoshop for formatting will have many opportunities to weigh the header against the content area. They may drop text in this area to see how it looks, and they will have a visual representation of the final product. Sharing buttons must be created in a size that makes them easy to find. They will notice that the standard sharing buttons are too small, and their readers will miss them. They must size and scale the sharing buttons to match the header, and they will be scaled down quite a lot as a result. Choose a picture that matches the service you are sharing to, and ensure that they are recognizable.

The Footer

The footer is just like the header, but it may contain any closing information that you wish to give. Users may place their contact information in this window, and they may include the copyright for the page in the horizontal type editor. Ensure that you have chosen wisely, and users will have a full-page format that may be dropped onto any blog. Photoshop allows users to create a blog format that may have colors altered with the layering tool, text blurred with Gaussian blur, fonts changed and margins corrected. Each step they take builds a unique format for their blog that was not created to match all the other blogs in the world. This blog layout is truly special.

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