Adobe’s ‘Collabograms’ Campaign

In the art and design world, there is nothing that is more dangerous than to constantly play it safe. The best art and most notable designs come from those that are willing to think outside the box and push the envelope. Often times, some of the best pieces come out of artistic duos or collaborations. Adobe has decided to help push artists in a new way by challenging them to come together in order to create something that they may never have been able to do on their own and share it with the world through social media.

According to a recent article published by Adweek, there has been an exciting, and unexpected new collaboration in the art world as a result of Adobe’s campaign. Tattoo artist Robert Klem, and gold leaf artist Ken Davis have decided to team up in the name of creative collaboration, inspired by the challenge from Adobe being called “Collabograms”. The challenging campaign intended to help promote their products on social platforms has brought the unlikely duo together in the hopes of “creating something awesome together”.

What Does Adobe Say About the Challenge?

“This series is about Photoshop supporting creativity and highlighting the incredible results that can come from unexpected pairings and collaboration,” Lex van den Berghe, principal product manager of digital imaging at Adobe, tells Adweek. “The audience is what we like to call the New Creatives – artists who don’t limit themselves to one medium, but pull from multiple influences and materials to express themselves.”

The Work Speaks for Itself

The dynamic duo has certainly arisen to the challenge by designing and crafting an unusual and spectacular tribute to rock artist Lemmy. Their work presents a stunning image of the rock god rendered in stained glass, as you might see done with a saint. Additionally, there are LED lights, votive candles, and song references. The result is not just beautiful and unique, but it is special because it is something that probably never would have come together without the launch of this campaign by Adobe. Although the duo themselves are rather strange, given the nature of their respective works, the result of their collaboration is not due to that fact that they managed to mesh and work so well together.

The Reason for the Campaign

Creators from Adobe say that the campaign was meant to inspire artists to work together in a new and fresh way, but also to help enhance their company’s spotlight on social media; particularly on Instagram. The intention is for the artists to create longer visual story-like platforms where artists can expand upon one another’s creations while also absorbing the enhanced benefits of the products. They believe that these “Collabograms” will hold strong value and presence on social media and also be very “shareable” to help further increase the exposure and ultimately increase sales both inside and out of the artist community.

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