Adobe XD for UX design


The new Adobe XD for UX design is being praised everywhere for its user-friendly design and for the fact that is so easy to use. In the past, software additions and updates to major software programs like Photoshop have taken even advanced computer geeks a long time to recover from because of their steep learning curve. This simply is not the case with the new UX design. In fact, some are even praising Adobe for making it so user-friendly that it actually works more like a mobile app than a desktop addition in terms of experience.

The software has been organized into two separate tabs to make it easier to use. Tab one is Design and tab two is Prototype.

Design – Under the Design tab is where you will be able to actually build your layouts. You can simply click and drag to make or change many shapes and expand upon your page. One of the great features of the program is that Adobe will highlight which corners are aligned with other elements to assist you in spacing each one of your elements. Of course that is fairly standard but still useful all the same. The “repeat grid” tool will now allow you to be able to perfectly duplicate or repeat all of your wireframes across the entire page. If you want to try to round off the corners of a box all you have to do is select a certain anchor point and then just point and pull. Say that you find that you need a custom button like a marker for a map. Of course you could go back to your Illustrator in order to build it. Or, with the new XD feature, you can utilize the shape design tool to build one.

Prototype – Under the Prototype tab you will be able to do some pretty exciting things, such as add interactivity to your images or build a button-linked workflow for your entire website or mobile app. This portion of the software is particularly impressive and shockingly easy to use. For this all you need to do is select any object, like an icon, and wait for a small arrow to appear beside it. Now drag that arrow onto the screen of your choosing and that is it. It’s linked. Pretty neat huh? Another thing you can do is install some basic animated transitions to occur in sequence. That way you will be able to get a feel for the way that the user interface will actually appear and fell when it Is in motion. Once you feel that you have achieved your final product and are happy with the design, just hit the record button and you will be able to go through your app to export the final results and even share your demo.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most user-friendly and valuable additions ever to be released by Adobe. The company is famous for creating amazing software that is often too difficult for the average computer user, but that is simply not the case with the new UX design. Anyone with a basic understanding of the existing program will be thrilled with the new addition in terms of its shallow learning curve and awesome intuitive features.

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